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Alive in God's reality

Thank you for visiting our website. We have paused meeting as a church from 1 July 2019 - a time out for now. In the interim, please do meet with the wider ONE church across our city. God is so good - and being in His presence and part of His church is living life to the full. Over this time.....increase! It is a time of INCREASE - enjoy the abundant goodness of God!



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Office with Hanging Lights
Office with Hanging Lights


God exists.

He created all things and to this day, creation continues. His existence can be seen in all the beauty of creation, the vastness of the universe, the details of all forms of life, and the fact that you are able to read this page!

More than that, He is personally interested in you and I, simply because we are created in His image. We're special!

The big plan to all this is: that we get to live in intimate, loving and everlasting relationship with Him, and explore life to the full!

In case anyone wonders who he is, and needs more than the marvel of creation to direct them to him, he revealed himself to all, by showing up on earth - as the man, Jesus Christ. 

Simply because - he passionately loves everyone. That's you and I ....

No exceptions!

More about Jesus Christ

Jesus appeared on the earth just over 2000 years ago. He was a real person, a prominent figure in history who made such an impact on the world that our whole dating system is structured around his birth. He carried out many astonishing miracles of healing, and exhibited amazing supernatural abilities, including coming back to life himself!

His primary concern was to reveal the truth that God exists, reveal heaven on earth, reveal God's close proximity to all, and ultimately:

  • to lovingly reconcile all to God; and

  • to give life, even eternal life, to all who will believe in him 

Have you ever seriously considered who Jesus is? 

Many people would say that he is the best person who ever lived. Some believe he was a wise religious teacher or prophet.

We believe as he said, that He is the Son of God - God himself. The reconciler of man to God!

It is that simple. Believe and you'll see God - with you and in you forever!